Ice dams can be very damaging to your roof and your home. Salt Lake City faces very harsh winters with lots of snow and ice. When the snow on your roof melts and then freezes at the edge of your roof, it can cause ice dams. Water pools up behind these dams and usually causes leaks, rotting, or other damage to your roof.

Ice Barrier Salt Lake CityWarning signs of ice dams include:

  • Hot spots on your roof where snow is melting
  • Icicles hanging from rain gutters or soffit
  • Snow build-up in the valleys of your roof
  • Wet spots on rafters
  • Ceiling stains from water

Lifetime Roofing offers complete ice and snow barrier services including ice melting systems and snow removal. Our premium roofing services also include immediate repair of any roof damage already caused by existing or previous ice dams. Our roofing professionals are happy to answer any questions you may have about preparing your roof for the winter months and the ice and snow that come with it.

Call Lifetime Roofing for complete ice and snow barrier services in Salt Lake City at (801)928-8881.



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